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Boost Your Trading Power with Our
3 Tier Bonus!

Tier 1 $20 CASHBACK

Follow our
Social Media


Trade more than
10 lots


Share and
like the post!

Bonus Acquisition Method:

Tier 1: Cashback by following us on Social Media

  • 1. Follow MYFX on one or more SNS (see the link below) and join the telegram group(search MYFX Markets or link blow)
  • 2. Send a message to the MYFX SNS account and Telegram with your MT4 account number. *At this point, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms and conditions.
  • 3. The $20 bonus will be reflected within 3 business days after the verification.
  • (When you check the box, you can click on the icons below.)

  • *Just following the SNS and Telegram doesn’t mean that you have participated in the promotion. Please make sure to send a message to the accounts.
  • *If you are already following MYFX’s account, simply send a message from your account with your account number.

If you do not have an account with MYFX Markets, please open an account from the link below.

Tier 2: 50% Bonus (up to USD 1,000 or equivalent currency)

  • 1. Trade 10 lots or more.
  • 2. Receive a 50% bonus (up to $10,000) based on the amount deposited.
  • *The trading lots and deposit amounts will only be counted from after receiving Tier1.
  • *If you have already completed trades of 10 lots or more with your existing funds, you will need to make a deposit before Tier 3 can be granted.
  • *Even if additional deposits are made afterward, you can continue to receive the bonus until it reaches $1,000.

Tier 3: 100% Bonus (up to USD 2,000 or equivalent currency)

  • 1. Share and like our promotion post on social media, and give us an additional 10 likes to any post.
  • 2. Please send us screenshots of the promotion post you shared and liked, and an additional 10 likes you gave, all through direct messages on social media/span>.
  • 3. Receive a 100% bonus (up to $2,000) on your next deposit.
  • *After sharing and liking on SNS, a 100% bonus will be applied to your next deposit once authentication is completed. Please note that those who have already made a deposit before authentication will receive a 50% bonus.

Furthermore, among those who participate in the promotion, we will be giving away mystery gifts through a lottery. The more you trade, the higher your chances of winning!

Promotion Period

05 February (Mon) ~ 18 March (Mon), 2024 *Applies to MT4 time


MT4 Account ONLY

Promotion rules

Bonus Conditions

  • – The total of Bonuses 2 to 3 is up to USD 2,000 or equivalent currency.
  • Each bonus step cannot be skipped. All clients start with Tier 1 and deposit and trade according to respective terms and conditions.
  • – Each trading transaction must last at least three consecutive minutes.
  • – Only an MT4 account is eligible to receive the bonus.
  • – Bonuses can be granted in multiple transactions until reaching the $2,000 limit.
  • – Bonuses reflect on deposits within 1-3 business days after you meet the bonus conditions.
  • – Bonus validity is 60 days from the date of bonus allocation.
  • – Profits gained from bonuses can be fully withdrawn (bonus itself cannot be withdrawn).
  • Only one account can hold valid bonuses, and granting bonuses to multiple accounts is not allowed.
  • – Fund transfers from separate accounts are not considered “deposits” and are not eligible for bonuses.
  • – If you apply for this deposit bonus while holding valid bonuses from a tie-up campaign, the tie-up bonus will be forfeited, and the deposit bonus here will be granted. (Separate deposit bonuses may be granted when applying from a different account).

Bonus Expiry Conditions

  • – If a withdrawal or transfer is made from the account that received the bonus during the promotion period.
  • *Once you transfer or withdraw funds within the promotion period, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the promotion.
  • – If you unfollow our SNS accounts and Telegram group.
  • – If the bonus expires.
  • – If each trade is within 3 minutes.
  • – If actions violating our specified rules for fraudulent transactions are detected.
  • – If the respective conditions are not met.

Example of bonus payments




Free Margin



1st $1,500 $750 $2,250
2nd $2,000 *$1,250 $3,250

*The total bonus amount is up to $2,000, so in this case the 100% bonus would be $1,250.

  • Each bonus cannot be skipped.
  • E.g. if you have traded 10 lots or more (fulfilling the conditions for Tier 2), even if you have already completed the social media share and likes (which are the conditions for Tier 3), a 50% bonus will be applied. To receive a 100% bonus, an additional deposit is required.

General Terms & Conditions

  • – Each transaction must last at least three consecutive minutes. Even after the campaign concludes, if it is discovered that a trade lasts less than three minutes, profits will be confiscated, and the account will be permanently frozen.
  • – MT5, Corporate accounts, or MAM/PAMM accounts are NOT eligible for this promotion.
  • – MT4 time is applied to this promotion
  • – The company has the right to amend, alter or terminate this Deposit Bonus Promotion at its sole discretion, and at any time without notice.
  • – When this campaign rules abused in any way, you may not be eligible for the bonus even if you meet all the eligibility conditions.
  • – The Client, by him/herself or acting with others (including an Introducing Broker), constructing a trading position or positions which have the purpose or effect of extracting the credit provided, without exposure to economic risk, or any other profits made by abusing the campaign, will not be allow any withdrawal.
  • – Clients, acting by him/herself or with others (including an Introducing Broker), hedging their positions, using single currency pairs, multiple currency pairs, position holding periods, latency, prices, swap rates, etc internally (using other accounts held with MYFX Markets) or externally (using other trading accounts held with other brokers) will not be allow any withdrawal.
  • – Clients who have a history of any wrongdoings listed above cannot participate in this campaign.
  • – If the company determines that you have committed any wrongdoings or frauds, the company has the right to take away or cancel any profits you have made with the bonus you have received from this campaign.
  • – If the company suspects that you have committed any wrongdoings or frauds, the company has the right to disable your profile and/or accounts partially/entirely, and temporarily/permanently, and cancel all orders which you or anyone who participated in these acts made.
  • – If the company determines that you have committed any wrongdoings or fraud, the company has the right to withhold or cancel any profits made by this campaign.
  • – If the company determines that you have committed any wrongdoings or frauds, the company has the right to cancel your accounts.

MYFX Markets

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