MYFX Markets’ Introducing Broker (IB) Program is tailored towards businesses that wish to offer their clients the best online trading experience. Become an Introducing Broker with Myfx Markets and receive ongoing benefits for introducing clients to Myfx Markets.

To inquire about joining the Myfx Markets IB program Please email :

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MYFX Markets has developed its own unique IB Portal with valued feedback from our existing partners. This IB Portal provides you with the features you need to further your business.


With MYFX Markets’s IB Portal, You can:

  • View the number of trades per day and number of rebates earned
  • See top performing instruments your clients are trading
  • Download marketing and advertising material to attract more clients
  • See your TOP performers in terms of rebates and number of trades in a given period
  • View an aggregate list of rebate account balances across MYFX Markets’s MT4 servers, including historical balances

As an Introducing Broker, you will receive the following benefits:


Offer your clients the No 1
trading platform: MT4


Transparent tracking of
rebates online


A generous and flexible
ongoing rebate structure


Your own personal, dedicated
account manager

MYFX Markets MT4

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