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Refund Policy

At MYFX Markets, we have formulated a Transfer Refund Policy in line with our unwavering commitment to respecting and honouring the preferences of our valued clients. We acknowledge the significance of transfer payments and are dedicated to establishing principles that emphasize transparency and fairness in managing refunds. This policy clearly defines the circumstances under which MYFX Markets will facilitate a refund.


At MYFX Markets, we expect individuals contemplating deposits to exercise due diligence and review deposit amounts carefully during their transactions. We understand that errors can occur during online deposits or that depositors may wish to reverse their contributions. Additionally, we acknowledge the possibility of errors originating from MYFX Markets. Under this policy, MYFX Markets will make diligent efforts to process refunds in accordance with the following guiding principles:


Refund Eligibility: If an error occurs during an online transfer or if the payee seeks to reverse the transaction, MYFX Markets will honour written refund requests. These refund requests should include critical transaction details, such as the date, deposit amount, payee name, tax invoice number, and a rationale for the refund.

Refund Request Submission: To request a refund, individuals can submit their written refund requests via email to MYFX Markets is committed to thoroughly reviewing all refund requests and rectifying genuine errors. However, the final decision regarding refunds remains at the discretion of MYFX Markets.

Adjustments: In cases where MYFX Markets needs to make an adjustment, the original receipt issued for the incorrect amount will be rendered invalid, and a new receipt will be provided to reflect the adjusted deposit amount.

Refund Charges: MYFX Markets retains the right to pass on any transaction charges related to refunds to the donor. Refunds will be issued using the original payment method. For instance, if the deposit was made via credit card, the refund will be credited to the same credit card.

Errors by MYFX Markets: In the event of errors originating from MYFX Markets or our financial institution(s), a refund of the full amount will be processed upon receiving written notification of the error.

This policy underscores our dedication to transparency and fairness in managing deposit refunds at MYFX Markets.

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