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Leverage available up to 500:1

We open the FX markets to retail traders by offering leverage up to 500:1. Your trades are executed using borrowed money which means that you can take advantage of even the smallest moves in the market.

For example, 100:1 leverage allows you to trade with $10,000 in the market by setting aside only $100 as a deposit or “initial margin”. In order to prevent unwanted losses due to sudden market fluctuations, 500:1 leverage is available up to a margin balance of USD 50,000 (or equivalent).

What is Margin?

Margin is the deposit required to maintain open positions. You are required to maintain sufficient margin to keep current positions or open new ones. MYFX Markets has implemented the following systems in order to protect clients from unwanted losses due to sudden market fluctuations.

Margin Call

A Margin Call is an alert to deposit additional funds into your trading account in order to protect against the risk of adverse market movements.

As soon as your account margin level drops below 90% of the require maring, we will attempt to notify you by email with a margin call warning. This is in order to alert you that you don’t have sufficient funds to maintain open positions.

Stop-out Level

The stop-out level is the equity level at which your open positions get automatically closed. At MYFX Markets, once your account margin level drops below 50%, open positions get closed.

Margin calls can be made at short notice and can be substantial. It is important for you to familiarize yourself with our Margin Call Policy. Be aware that it is the Client’s responsibility to monitor positions and make any margin payments as they become due.

MYFX Markets

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